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About us!

Contact us when you need professional help from specialized locksmiths. We are your guide to everything that is related to lock replacement and lock repair. We have a 24/7-hour emergency service and will come to your property within 30 minutes. Our staff is highly qualified to solve problems that involve lock malfunctioning. A key that is stuck in the door lock, defective locks, a door that just won’t open, a damaged door handle, a certain lock being stuck, a key that doesn’t turn when it’s inside the lock, you name it. We are able to help you along the way. Plus, we offer quality work. We carefully choose our instruments and the right locking mechanisms before we start to work. All in all, you will not feel any sense of regret with us.

The types of locking systems we, among others, can repair:

Yale Locks

First of all, let us explain what a Yale lock implies and how it works. A Yale lock is usually used on front doors of houses. These locks are usually installed to doors that can be opened from inside the house and they are set on the internal surface of a door. Also, this type of lock automatically fastens the door after closing it. A Yale lock is also referred to as a pin tumbler lock or a night latch. The way a Yale lock opens is that when you insert the key into the Yale lock, the key forces the pins (that can be found in the housing) to go up against the strength of the springs. When the key is forced further into the lock, the pins gradually start to elevate one by one. After inserting the correct key, the pins are all being forced upwards, exceeding the border of the cylinder and as a result the pins don’t have the possibility anymore to lock the border of the cylinder to its housing. After rotating the key, the cylinder turns without having any form of resistance and, hence, the opening of the lock. A defective Yale lock needs to be repaired or changed when, for example, a key is stuck in it or when the door doesn’t lock anymore. Our goal is to fix the problem. We want to repair your lock first and if that is hopeless, we move to plan B and that is to change the door lock. The reason behind this is that we want you to have the least possible financial expenses.

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Mortice locks

What is a mortice lock?
A mortice lock is a lock that operates in combination with a pocket that is built into the outer piece of the door. In general, mortice locks are installed at the inner side of a domestic door and they are not loved by burglars, as they are difficult to defeat. That is because the locking system is installed in the door case. The way a mortice lock works is as follows: the locking system consists of a collection of levers. These are located at the inner part of the mortice. When the key is inserted in a locked door, all the levers go upwards to a certain height. Afterwards the key can be rotated and the bolt will be opened, which causes the door to unlock. A broken mortice lock is in need of a lock repair in situations where the bolt is broken as a result of someone trying to gain unauthorized entrance. We are talking about situations where burglars did everything they could to get inside by breaking the door. In cases like these you can contact us and we will be there within 30 minutes.

Euro-cylinder locks (on uPVC doors)

A euro-cylinder lock, also called a multi-point lock is a very popular locking system and it is being used on various types of doors, especially uPVC doors. It is a locking mechanism that shuts at multiple points in the door. Euro-cylinder locks include three deadbolts. They give that extra security and safety, because now there is more effort needed to break into the house. The way euro-cylinder locks work is that numerous length pins work their way along the shape of the key. When the key is positioned into the lock, the pins manoeuvre into the right arrangement, thus causing the key to be rotated. And as a result the door opens. A faulty uPVC multi-point lock system can sometimes simply be fixed by first checking the locking mechanism at the time the door is opened. In case the bolts of the door move smoothly into the fastened position at the time the door is open, it may just require a restoration to the former state. If the lock doesn’t work at all, our locksmith will have to unlock the door and in most instances the lock will need to be replaced.

Lock repair any time you need it

Whatever problem you might be facing with your lock, no matter what type of lock it is, our locksmiths can help get your lock working smoothly and reliably once again. Our 24/7 service is at your disposal at any time. Just give us a call!