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Our services

Contact us and let us fix your lock problem for good. You need new locks to be installed because your old locks are not in a good state anymore? Or you need new locks because you are afraid burglars might break into you house? We can help you along the way. We can also provide you with lock installation, lock replacement and lock repair. Our locksmiths can handle your problems in a way that doesn’t take up much of your time and doesn’t let you spend your money excessively. Our company operates with well-respected lock brands. We also guarantee a full 6-month warranty on all of our services. Our lock specialists assure you will get experienced aid, which means:

  • domestic and work place lock installation and lock substitution.
  • materials of high quality
  • local service with installation of locks
  • Property lock installation

    When you are in between two choices and you currently can’t figure it out: you don’t know if you want to purchase the typical lever door handle lock or the up-to-date knob lock. You just got into your house that you‘ve just recently bought and you need a new lock. Or maybe there is a more secure type to install to your outer door other than the typical ones? When that is the case, in what way should you accurately install the lock while keeping all the pieces intact? These days new designs of locks have a lot of benefits. They are made in a way that is effective and comfortable to use at work places. Furthermore, these locking systems have many forms and sizes. Plus, they are produced from different sorts of materials in order to befit your wishes. All of these advanced descriptions also ask for special demands. These key essentials also represent the safety of your house. It is important that locks are long-lasting and perfectly fitted to guarantee safety. That is why we are here to help you pick and install locks to your house.

    Lock installation done by specialists

    We work by making use of high-quality tools and home improvement instruments. Our locksmiths are fully qualified to install any sort of lock to all sorts of doors. We operate with locks like the mortice lock, multi-point lock, cylinder lock, knob lock, Yale lock, lever handle lock, just to name a few. We also work with lock brands such as Yale, Union, Chubb Locks, Isseo, Brisant, Multi- Lock, Legge, Ingersoll, Mila and many others. We also have a 24-hour emergency locksmith service that can help you at any time of the day and any day of the week. We can be at the place of destination within 30 minutes. Our technicians will show you how to keep intruders away from your property: by using special tools that can be operated on any type of door. It is of big importance that you feel safe in your own house. When your door lock or even window lock is accurately installed, you are able to lower the chances of someone breaking into your house. Our trustworthy locksmiths will also work in a way to do minimal harm to your house when handling lock installation tasks.


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    Commercial property lock installation

    Starting a new business of moving into a new building as a business owner can include a great deal of heavy tasks. The one task that you should definitely remember to perform is to get new locks on all of the doors. When you get to this new property, it can appear that in the worst-case scenario you need to change the doors, because of the horrible state they are in. However, even if that isn’t the case you still need to change the locks. We can help you with installing new locks with or without the need of new doors during a transfer. Our fully experienced locksmiths can prevent unforeseen problems such as burglaries, gradually increasing lock damage or a partially working lock. As advice from us, please don’t try to crack or break a lock as a means to install it. For instance, when your boring machine bores too deep into the door or the door case, the locking system gets unsteady and this will result in a damaged locking system. Our specialists will assist you in preventing such difficulties. We will help you in successfully installing new locks to your commercial property. Our team offers practised and qualitative services for low costs. We as a team of specialists can offer the following services:

  • lock repair of damaged locking systems
  • installing new locks for commercial or residential clients
  • replacement of (old) locks
  • unlocking (front) doors
  • a wide range of the finest locks
  • Furthermore, the locks we carry consist of highly resistant materials, matchable for every kind of door. It doesn’t matter whether they are made from metal, brass, glass, stainless steel or wood. Most offices these days need coordinating locks for their diverse door arrangements. We are your one-stop solution for all lock installation jobs.

    Lock installation any time

    We are available 24/7, even at weekends and on holidays. You can call a locksmith out immediately or arrange an appointment for any time that is convenient for you. Call us now!