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About us

When it comes to losing your house keys on your way to work, or you need to install a new window lock or when burglars have entered your home recently, we are here to help. These are all problems that you cannot foresee and that we wish would not happen. But no need to worry about solving these problems anymore! We will do everything to offer a helping hand.

When contacting us, know that you will be helped by a team of highly qualified locksmiths that know their job all too well. They have been examined thoroughly for their lock fitting skills before being accepted to our team. Our mechanics are always equipped with high-quality tools and home improvement necessities that will make the job as efficient and effective as it can be. The accurate measurements will be taken, the old lock will be removed and thereafter the new lock will be perfectly fitted. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and book an appointment with one of our professional locksmiths that will help you with your lock installation.

Why contact us?

We offer you …

  • highly qualified technicians who are able to operate with all lock types
  • a warranty of 6 months on all lock installation jobs
  • 24-hour service with no days off
  • an ETA of 30 minutes
  • Fresh installation of a lock for you

    Do you have a door – internal or external – which has no lock currently on it but you would really want to be able to lock it. The reasons for that may be different but they mostly have one thing in common: the wish for privacy. Everyone deserves to feel at peace and safe in their own space and intruders of any kind are not welcome. Therefore, installing a lock on a door that you want secured is a good idea if you want to regain your privacy. Our locksmiths can fit a new lock on any door. Your door won’t be damaged in the process and you will be left with a clean and satisfying result.

    No days off

    Customers being locked out of their houses due to various reasons is of no surprise at our locksmith company. We get calls regarding issues like these frequently and at any time of the day. We are a 24/7-service company that will lend you a helping hand within 30 minutes after contacting us. Our technician will advise you what you should do and after receiving your approval we will go ahead with the fitting a new door lock.

    We assure you impeccable quality

    Our locksmith service is ready to give you a full 6-month warranty for our services of fitting any type of lock to any door. This provides that additional peace of mind when it comes to issues related to property improvement.

    Lock related emergencies can happen any time.

    We all like things to go as smoothly as possible. However, it’s not always up to us to decide what does and does not go according to plan. No matter how hard we try, things will not always go as planned. You may always put your keys in your bag or in your coat pocket when you go outside, but this time they are nowhere to be found. You have looked everywhere. From the inside of your car to the drawers of your desk at work. Those keys were the only keys you had. Now there is no one that can help you to get inside your house. Then, we would recommend you contact us. We are fully competent to manage problems related to fitting and replacing all lock types. Plus, we guarantee you that you will not be left without useful advice on how to keep burglars from breaking into your house. We are experts when it comes to securing your residential property.

    Want to speak to an expert?
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    The services we offer:

    Replacing door locks of your property (including window lock, garage door lock and others).

    This service may be useful to you if you are in need of just getting rid of an old lock at your house because they are losing their function and you would like to see a different lock on your doors and windows or you want to upgrade the security at your property because lately, there have been a lot of robberies in your neighbourhood.

    Repairing home locks, window locks, and other door lock types at residential or commercial properties

    When you are tired of seeing your door simply not shutting, then it is time to call us. We are able to provide you with full contentment after experiencing what we did to fix the issue.

    Opening the door after leaving keys inside the house

    Our locksmiths are able to unlock your door in these cases. They are fully equipped with the right tools to operate competently in situations like these.

    Installing a digital door lock

    This is mainly for commercial properties when a large number of people need access to the place. It is also essential if you are opting for utmost security.

    Eviction locksmith services

    This service is mainly provided because of two commonly known reasons: Whether it’s to let the tenants know that they don’t have the permission to occupy the property of the landlord anymore, or it’s to prepare the landlord’s property for new tenants. For that reason, the lock cylinders on the doors are changed in these situations.

    The lock types we work with to secure your property

    When fitting, repairing or changing a lock, it is vital that the technician be well versed with all types of locks. Our locksmiths know their way around any lock on any door. We deal with the following lock types:

  • mortice lock
  • multi-point lock
  • keyed lock
  • cylinder lock
  • knob lock
  • digital door lock (electronic or mechanical)
  • and many more.
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    We are available 24 a day, 7 days a week, so give us a ring if you are in need of a locksmith to fit a lock on your door.