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Lock change London

Here at Locksmith London, you will get the best locksmith service. We provide you with experienced locksmiths that are fully qualified to do any locksmith-related job. Plus, we have a wide range of various services that many other locksmith companies are not likely to have. Our goal is to keep properties damage-free from unpleasant events, so that you will not feel any sense of regret after having contacted us.

24-hour emergency service

As much as you would like to prevent these cases, it can happen to all of us. You lose your keys on your way home after an evening at a nice restaurant. Well, no need to worry. With our locksmith service, you will get the help you need at any time of the day. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and with no days off. Call us right away and our customer service representative will answer your phone call immediately.

Cases for which you are welcome to contact us:

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Installing different lock types

From fitting most common lock types to rare types of locks – you name it, we have you covered. We have a broad range of different lock types available at any time. These include among others:

Cylinder locks

There are many cylinder lock types. But the main point is that it’s a locking tool which is being used on doors. It includes various length pins that go along the pattern of the key. At the time when the key is placed in the lock on the door, the length pins shift to the right arrangement and that is how the key is turned. And that is also how you unlock the door.

Lever handle locks

The way the lever handle lock works is that when turning the handle, a pin inside starts to rotate. Afterwards a cylinder goes round in circles. This is how the door is shut.

Multi-point locking system

This is a system where the door is locked at various areas when the key is being turned.

Mortice locks

A mortice lock can usually be found on a relatively new door. It is a lock that works in collaboration with a pocket, called the mortise. This pocket needs to be cut at the outline of the door.

Knob locks

This lock operates as one of the main locks when it comes to securing your house. This lock is placed in the knob.

Any lock at any time

Our locksmith service is there to fulfill all your lock changing needs. We can change or install any lock on any door swiftly and professionally. As we are a 24/7 locksmith service, we are at your disposal at any time and on any day. If you need someone to change your locks, we are here to help!

Paying methods

Locksmith London accepts payments in cash and by credit card. For all the services the payments must be made right after the service is finalized.